About Us

In December 1995, Dan Hughes acquired Qualified Marketing in Albany, New York. He had a new vision for the business, and the name was changed to Celtic Marketing to reflect the company’s revitalization. From there, a new food brokerage was born.

Since our humble beginning, the business has continued to re-invest and employ the best professionals available to serve our manufacturers, distributors and retail partners. In 2003, Celtic Marketing and Path 21 merged to increase our footprint to include the entire east coast. Since the merger, Celtic Marketing has continued to reinvest in the company, and expand our footprint to include Florida and the Midwest.

Our Team

Executive Management
Dan Hughes
Since 1996
  • VP Maple Grove Farms
  • Product Manager Perdue Farms
  • Campbell Soup Sales Rep
Senior Vice President
Henry Naviasky
Since 2003
  • President – Path 21 Food Brokers    
  • Account Manager – Haddon House    
  • Durkee, French & Airwick     

Company Philosophy

The secret to success in the specialty and natural food business is to form a partnership between the manufacturer, broker, distributor, retailer and the consumer.  If one of the above links is broken or forgotten, the chain to success will collapse.

We recognize the importance of the relationships between the retailer, manufacturer and broker, which is why our logo is a shamrock. Each part of the shamrock has a meaning. The first leave stands for the manufacturer, the second for the distributor and the third for the retail customer. Leaving the center stem to represent the broker, as it keeps all three together, allowing for the flow of communication. The Celtic Marketing’s team has over 750 years of industry experience between distributor, retailer, manufacturer and broker experience.

Communication between these partners is crucial. We are proud of our HQ retailer relationships in our region. The retailers know they can count on us to provide category management and retail store support. We also need to motivate the distributor and its sales force to assist us. To win, we need to involve all the players on the team.

As your representatives in this market, we promise to listen and respond. Working together will bring us success.

Our People Make the Difference!

We feel very strongly about the culture we are building at Celtic Marketing and we work on it every day. Below are some of the points we believe that build a positive work environment and positive culture.

  • We treat each other like we would like to be treated.
  • We serve others by building positive trade relations. Positive trade relations are with our manufacturers, customers and co-workers.
  • Accept responsibility. We know what needs to be done and we do it to the best of
    our ability to build growth for our clients and ourselves. We seek to grow profitably. Where there is no margin, there can be no mission. We understand the importance of giving back and supporting community.
  • Humility and Accountability is all about a team. We make a mistake, we fix it and we move on.
  • We help one another and we rely on one another to be successful.
  • God has a purpose for all of us and he doesn’t want us to fail.

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